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The 2021 Scholarship Applications will open March 1, 2021


Apply for a Governor's School Scholarship

The 2024 Scholarship Application is now closed

The application process for 2021 closed on Thursday, May 6th. If you have extenuating circumstances or were admitted off the wait list, please contact us directly at

The deadline to submit an application was Sunday, March 26, 2023. If you were not able to complete the application on time, please contact us directly at

Congratulations on your acceptance to Governor's School 2024. If you would like to be considered for a need-based scholarship to cover the family contribution, please complete this online scholarship form by MARCH 22, 2024.

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Apply for a Governor's School Scholarship

The 2022 Scholarship Applications are now closed.

The application process for 2021 closed on Thursday, May 6th. If you have extenuating circumstances or were admitted off the wait list, please contact us directly at

The scholarships application process for 2022 has now closed. If you did not have a chance to complete an application and still require assistance, please email us at to discuss.


The Jim Hart Scholarship Funddrive success

Jim Hart Headshot

The NC Governor’s School community has been greatly diminished by the death in 2018 of Jim Hart (GSW ‘79).  In more than 20 years of service to the Alumni Association, and for six years on the board of the North Carolina Governor’s School Foundation, Jim’s love for the Governor’s School inspired everyone with whom he came into contact. Jim is legendary for personally collecting over 34,000 alumni names that form the database used today for alumni to communicate with each other and raise funds for the Governor’s School.

During the funding crisis in 2011, even as the Foundation frantically raised private funds to pay for the program in 2012, Jim realized that the recently implemented $500 per student tuition was a huge problem for many students.  Jim stepped up and created, from scratch, what is now the Foundation’s scholarship program, chairing the Scholarship Committee for its first three years, using funds donated by concerned alumni.  

Jim often said that had the tuition been in place in his day, he would not have been able to attend because his family could not have afforded to send him.  Jim believed that every student accepted into the prestigious program should be able to attend regardless of economic circumstance.  He worked tirelessly to create a scholarship program that would accomplish that goal, and he was successful.  At the time of his passing, the Foundation had awarded $500 tuition scholarships to over 220 students in need.

For this reason, the Foundation has created the Jim Hart Memorial Scholarship Fund, in his honor, to provide even more scholarships for qualified students in the future. Over $2500 has already been donated by alumni and friends in Jim’s name to help students attend GS 2019, and with future gifts, for years to come.  The Foundation’s Board of Directors, in conjunction with Jim’s loving wife, Nancy, hope that Jim’s life will inspire alumni of all ages to support the Governor’s School, in any way that they can.

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The John and Susan Small Scholarship Funddrive success

John and Susan Small receiving award

In 1971 two rising seniors from northeastern North Carolina prepared to attend Governor’s School at Salem College in Winston Salem.  There was very little opportunity for gifted education in their area and Susan Jordan, from Chowan County and John Small, from Pasquotank County were excited about this intellectual adventure.  They had no idea that it would change their lives.

From Left to Right: Susan Small, John Small and Scott Gayle
(past president of the NC Governor's School Foundation).

They met each other in the Governor’s School social science class.  They became friends over Mayberry’s ice cream, Moravian sugar cake and stimulating

intellectual conversations.  As the summer progressed, they fell in love and thus began the relationship that would in time result in four children (one of whom, 32 years later, met her spouse at Governor’s School), six grandchildren and 40 years of marriage and continued conversation.

Governor’s School changed their lives in other ways too.  The interaction with other gifted students from across North Carolina changed the way they saw the world, and their place in it.  For the first time, they had evidence of the many possibilities that were available to them.  The opportunity to engage their minds with exciting new ideas stimulated a new sense of what was possible for their lives.  “Of course, we had dreams,” said Susan “but Governor’s School helped us imagine that those dreams were actually possible and motivated us to work hard to make them a reality.”  

With this sense of expanded possibilities, Susan chose Meredith for college.  She taught high school, pursued a seminary degree, was a stay at home mom and now works as the discipleship director at their church.  

John went to the University of North Carolina and then to the Yale School of Law.  After law school, John joined the firm of Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard in Greensboro where he has practiced for almost 40 years.  In 2008 John became Chair of the firm’s Finance Committee and served in that capacity for nine and half years.  John became one of the North Carolina’s first Board Certified Specialist in Business and Consumer Bankruptcy law and has received numerous accolades in his chosen field of law.  He is committed to their church and serves as General Counsel for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.

Through all the changes of life, John and Susan have carried the lessons they learned at Governor’s School with them—the importance of critical thinking, that listening to other opinions expands your own thinking, and that you never know where an opportunity might lead.  

His law partners at Brooks, Pierce are proud of John and pleased to provide the funds to name this Scholarship in his honor.

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The Dr. Randy Foy Scholarship Funddrive success

Dr. Randy Foy conducting symphony

This scholarship fund honors Randy Foy (GS '67), who dedicated his time and tremendous talents to the Governor's School for nearly 40 years.  A world-class conductor and instructor, Dr. Foy was the architect of the instrumental music program at Governor's School West. There he led superb performances. However, his most notable accomplishment was how he used music to open the minds of his students to relevant issues and concepts, elevating their capacity to think

freely and critically, thereby positioning them for leadership roles.

Randy Foy's influence on the North Carolina arts community is vast. Even though he was widely accomplished in his professional life, Randy maintained a lifelong passion for the Governor's School, guiding generations of students to hone their intellect, challenge preconceptions and achieve heightened levels of excellence.  

The NC Governor's School Foundation honored Randy Foy in 2017 with the Jim Hart Champion Award for extraordinary commitment and contributions to the Governor's School Foundation.  We are privileged to extend that recognition with a memorial scholarship in his honor.

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The Bear O'Bryan Scholarship Funddrive success

Bear O'Bryant with moose ears

The Bear O'Bryan Scholarship Fund was founded to honor Gregory "Bear" O'Bryan, a beloved teacher and role model for thirty-three summers at North Carolina Governor's School East (GSE). Mr. O'Bryan, who taught literature and creative writing at GSE, is remembered for encouraging his students to think critically and "dig deeper" into the books he assigned.

His unapologetic passion for learning was contagious for all those who studied underneath him. From Shakespeare to "Death of a Salesman," Mr. O'Bryan gifted his students with an uncensored appreciation for written word, teaching them to find their own way and form their own opinions.

The Bear O'Bryan Scholarship Fund carries on Mr. O'Bryan's love for learning by providing financial assistance to eligible incoming students at Governor's School East.

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The Joshua Park Scholarship Funddrive success

Joshua Park Headshot

This scholarship is given in memory of Governor’s School East 1994 Theater alumnus, Joshua Park.  Josh embodied the ideal Governor’s School student: he was intelligent and curious, talented and driven, creative and open-minded, and thoughtful and spontaneous.

Following his time at Governor’s School, Josh graduated from the North Carolina School of the Arts, then worked as a director and professional actor on Broadway as Tom Sawyer in the musical The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and in leading roles for national tours of Pippin and Prodigal.  

Josh led a life full of creativity and wonderment and inspired audiences wherever he performed.  His greatest gift, however, was his zest for the world and those within it.  Less than two weeks before his passing, Josh wrote about his Governor’s School friends: “What wonderful misfits we were…and hopefully still are!”

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The Ashley O'Toole Memorial Scholarship Funddrive success

Ashley O'Toole smiling photo

This scholarship is given in memory of Allison Rose O’Toole, Governor’s School West 2008 English alumna, who died tragically in a car accident on December 15, 2019. Allison cherished her time at Governor's School as she truly enjoyed reading, writing, and sharing her love of learning with others.

Allison graduated from Durham School of the Arts in 2009 with an art focus in photography. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, in 2013.  Allison was pursuing a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Wake Forest University in order to help others. Helping others was one of her talents and lifelong passions so her family created this scholarship to ensure that a student can attend Governor’s School in the English discipline area each year.

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