Jim Hart Award Winners


Penn Dameron

Penn Dameron joined the NC Governor’s School Foundation (GSF) board of directors in 2014 and became its Treasurer one year later. In his seven years on the board and six years as Treasurer, Penn was a stalwart contributor to the board’s success.

Always dependable and ever resourceful, Penn not only performed the expected duties of a treasurer with efficiency and accuracy, he went above and beyond expectations. Among his many contributions, Penn helped identify a new banking relationship for GSF, providing greater functionality and higher interest on GSF’s deposits, and led the migration to the new bank. He also worked diligently to improve GSF’s internal financial processes and controls, and he was always a leader at tax time, annually coordinating with GSF’s external accountant to assure that 990 filings were always prompt and external audits were always impeccable.

For six years, Penn made sure GSF was financially sound and operationally effective, and his financial leadership left GSF significantly improved.

For those and many other reasons, the GSF is proud to honor Penn Dameron as a Jim Hart Governor’s School Champion Award winner for 2021.