Jim Hart Award Winners


Chuck Sullivan

Described by many as "the embodiment of Governor's School," Lead English Instructor and Area III Instructor Chuck Sullivan was back at Governor's School East in 2019 for his 40th consecutive summer. That anyone could devote such a significant portion of his life and his career to instruction is noteworthy. That they could do so with the passion and compassion of Chuck Sullivan is truly legendary and a gift beyond measure for the thousands of Governor's School alumni whose lives have been forever enriched by his teachings.GSE Site Director Laura Sam reflects, "Even though at Governor’s School we 'question everything,' there is no question that Chuck Sullivan, in his 40 years of teaching at Governor’s School East, has been the master weaver of the fabric of our community, interlacing the threads of exploration, discovery, examination, questioning, expression, artistry, understanding, and connection." Joseph Haston, GSE alumnus and teaching assistant to Chuck, adds, “When it comes to poetry, and that is to say life, Chuck has a depth of wisdom. With a knowing twinkle in his eye, Chuck leads you to many crossroads of your own creation, and shows students in his own laid-back humorous way what it is to live a little more.” Listen to Chuck's personal reflections on "the genius of Governor's School" and its power to shape students from all disciplines here: https://youtu.be/9E5Y2gj7NaM.

For those and many other reasons, the NC Governor’s School Foundation is proud to honor Chuck as a Jim Hart Governor’s School Champion Award winner for 2019.