Jim Hart Award Winners


Carl Peay

Carl Peay, a 1988 alumnus of Governor’s School West, has served on the faculty at Governor’s School East (GSE) since 2002 as an Area II instructor and as the Area II Coordinator. 

Carl’s colleagues describe him as a strong leader who listens and thoughtfully engages with both staff and students. He’s known for his steady presence and deep commitment to the success of GSE’s students and staff, qualities that are most evident in his dedication to leading the Area II team and curriculum. Carl devotes extra time and attention to assuring that new instructors are nurtured and supported, something that makes a huge difference in the culture of GSE and the quality of the Area II experience for students. 

Carl is also known for creating an environment of service to GSE students and the overall GSE community. Carl’s fellow GSE leaders know him as someone who is always ready and willing to take on whatever tasks need to be accomplished with a generous and giving spirit. 

Carl’s students describe him as, “one of my favorite teachers I've ever had” and shared that they enjoyed his class because “it raised questions you don’t think about on an everyday basis” and inspired discussions “about how different topics of philosophy intersected and…made me think in new ways.” Another student said they appreciated Carl’s Area II class because, “It allowed me to think in ways that I was never taught to think in the normal school system,” and “I loved being exposed to new ideas about the world.”

When he is not at GSE, Carl teaches philosophy, writing, literature, and cultural studies at the high school and college level.

For those and many other reasons, the NC Governor’s School Foundation is proud to honor Carl Peay as a Jim Hart Governor’s School Champion Award winner for 2023.