Jim Hart Award Winners


Bill Brown

Bill has served as a champion for Governor’s School East (GSE) to the Meredith College administration and has constantly advocated for the prioritization of the program as the College has expanded to other partnerships. Bill advocates for GSE and helps to build bridges with the Meredith College community. As an example. Bill was instrumental in facilitating a collaborative research project with the Meredith College psychology department and the GSE social science students.

Bill efficiently and creatively interfaces GSE with Meredith College, going well beyond expectations. Bill supports GSE in building community. Bill goes out of his way to meet students and to help them feel at home while at Meredith College, mindful of every aspect of residential and academic life. He hears GSE staff ideas and needs and then goes about making the magic happen. This includes not only the regular residential, instructional, and recreational spaces, but extends beyond to performances, dances, found art fashion shows, research presentations and more. Bill not only makes sure that GSE has everything it has requested, but he finds unique and creative ways to enhance the experience for GSE students and staff. 

It is not “lights on/lights off” with Bill. Bill generously supports GSE during various events throughout each year, including the provision and orchestration of space and staff for informational meetings, auditions in all performing/visual arts disciplines, and gatherings of the Board of Governors. Bill is available to assist GSE as needed 24/7 - available for a call anytime night or day. He communicates with GSE staff multiple times a day, checking to make sure that classes, events, and activities are running smoothly. 

Bill oversaw Meredith College’s activities in the transition of Governor’s School East (GSE) from St. Andrews College in 2000 and ensured the program’s continuation to this day. In so doing, he’s had a direct hand in the successful provision of the Governor’s School program to more than 7,000 students from across North Carolina. Going above and beyond, Bill very generously offered his help to the staff at High Point University in 2019 when GSW made the transition from Salem College. 

Above all, Bill is smart, kind, caring and cheerful and he shares those qualities with GSE at every turn. Even when the unexpected happens (as it always does) he reacts in the best way possible. Bill is a member of the GSE community in the truest sense. He artfully creates the crazy quilt that is Meredith College in the summer. Each piece representing programs, camps, staff and students. Bill not only sees the big picture, he paints it - and it is beautiful.

For those and many other reasons, the NC Governor’s School Foundation (GSF) is proud to honor Bill Brown as a Jim Hart Governor’s School Champion Award winner for 2020.