Jim Hart Award Winners


Ashley P. Dunham

Ashley joined the NC Governor’s School Foundation (GSF) board of directors in 2015, serving for 6 years as GSF’s marketing leader.

Among her many contributions, Ashley professionalized GSF’s marketing efforts, bringing a deep understanding of marketing principles and techniques to GSF’s fundraising and advocacy efforts. She led GSF into the era of social media, creating and optimizing GSF’s presence across multiple platforms and allowing GSF to get its message out with greater clarity, purpose, and speed. Ashley also shepherded the GSF board of directors through a complete re-branding, including developing a new logo, mission, and vision, and encapsulating it all in the GSF’s tagline: “Investing in talent for North Carolina's future. Advancing the nation's premier Governor's School.” Ashley was also a leader in upgrading GSF’s website and helping organize multiple GSF retreats that helped the board of directors envision and operationalize ground-breaking goals for GSF.

Ashley’s hard work and dedication were integral to upgrading GSF and enabling it to meet the modern expectations of GS alumni.

For those and many other reasons, the GSF is proud to honor Ashley P. Dunham as a Jim Hart Governor’s School Champion Award winner for 2021.